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Take You Understand The Single Stage Double Suction Pump Completely

Released on Jun. 01, 2018

The Single Stage Double Suction Pump is one of Horizontal Water Pump and is below the axis line of the water pump and are horizontally aligned with the axis. It is not necessary to dismantle the inlet and outlet water pipes and motors during inspection. The water pump rotates clockwise according to the direction of rotation. The need can also be changed counterclockwise.

The main parts of the pump are: pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction sealing ring, shaft sleeve and so on.

The pump body and the pump cover constitute the working chamber of the impeller. On the inlet and outlet flanges, there are screw holes for the installation of vacuum gauges and pressure gauges. In and out of the lower part of the water flange, there is a screw hole for water discharge.

The static balance check impeller is fixed on the shaft by the sleeve nuts on both sides of the sleeve, and its axial position can be adjusted by the sleeve nut.

The pump shaft is supported by two single row radial ball bearings. Bearings are mounted in the bearing body, mounted on both ends of the pump body and lubricated with butter.

The double suction seal ring is used to reduce the leakage of the water in the pump pressure chamber back to the suction chamber.

The pump is directly driven by the motor through a flexible coupling. If necessary, the internal combustion engine drive can also be used.

The shaft seal is a soft packing seal, and a mechanical seal structure can be used according to the user's needs.

Single Stage Double Suction Pump

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