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The Danger Of Vaporization Of The Water Pump

Released on Aug. 01, 2018

1. Produce noise and vibration

Since the bubble bursts continuously in the high pressure zone and is accompanied by a strong Horizontal Multistage Water Pump when the pump is vaporized, the hazard of the pump vaporization is that noise and vibration will be generated, and the sound of a cockroach like a blast can be heard, which can be roughly judged. Whether vaporization has occurred, in which case a small amount of air can be used to buffer noise vibration and damage to metal. This method has been widely used in hydraulic turbines but is rarely used in pumps.

2. Overcurrent component cavitation

 When the pump is operated under vaporization for a long time, some parts of the pump's overcurrent components will be destroyed by vaporization, that is, cavitation. This is because of vaporization

When a metal surface occurs, the hazard of vaporization of the pump causes the metal surface to be strongly impacted like a sharp edge, and the metal may be punctuated to cause perforation. Sometimes the metal particles loosen and peel off to form a honeycomb shape. In addition to the mechanical force, the cavitation is accompanied by various complicated functions such as electrolysis and chemical corrosion.

3. Performance degradation

When the pump is vaporized, the energy exchange between the impeller and the liquid is disturbed and destroyed. The performance of the external characteristic is the head* quantity curve, the shaft power* quantity curve, and the efficiency* quantity curve. In severe cases, the flow in the pump is interrupted, rendering the pump inoperable. However, there is no significant change in the performance blue line at the beginning of the vaporization of the pump. When the performance curve changes, the vaporization has developed to a certain extent.

The performance curves of different specific speed pumps are different in the form of vaporization effects. For the low specific speed pump, since the vane flow path is narrow and long, once the vaporization cavitation easily fills the entire flow path, the hazard of the pump vaporization is that the performance curve is sharply degraded. With the increase of specific speed, the flow path of the blade changes to a wide and short trend. Therefore, there is a transition process from the initial development to the filling of the entire flow path. The corresponding pump performance curve begins to decrease slowly, and only when it reaches a certain amount. For a sharp decline. The axial pump performance curve only slowly drops over the entire flow range. In addition, the vaporization of the multi-stage pump is limited to the first stage, so the performance degradation is smaller than that of the Single-stage Centrifugal Pump.

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