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Method Of Disassembling The Pump Head Of A Centrifugal Pump

Released on Jul. 18, 2018

When repairing various centrifugal pump products, the Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump head needs to be disassembled for maintenance. The method of disassembling the centrifugal pump head and the order of disassembling the centrifugal pump head are as follows:

1. For example, disassemble the chemical centrifugal pump product. First, use a plum wrench to loosen the sealing gland bolt of the centrifugal pump (not to be removed) to relieve pressure. When removing pressure, pay attention to protect the maintenance personnel.

2. Then disassemble the large bolts of the pump body. When disassembling, keep 2~4 bolts symmetrically. When it is confirmed that there is no pressure in the pump, remove the remaining bolts to prevent the residual liquid from being sprayed and inspect the joints. Check the bolts for damage. The problematic bolts are marked and replaced by the Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump Supplier after inspection.

3. Disassemble and lift the pump head. Use the spreader correctly when disassembling. Pay attention to using the top wire to push out the pump head to confirm that the special spreader is reliable and the installation is qualified. It can ensure the lifting safety, as shown in Figure 1-10. Be careful not to touch the equipment and maintenance personnel.

4. Transfer the pump head to the maintenance workshop. When transferring, the pump head should be fixed firmly to ensure safe transportation.

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