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What Are The Types And Uses Of Submersible Pumps?

Released on Aug. 04, 2018

One type of pump that is used in the market is a Submersible Water Pump. The submersible pump is mainly used to assemble the submersible motor and the water pump into a whole unit. It is submerged below the water surface. Since the motor is enclosed in a sealed casing, the heat dissipation of the motor must be cooled by cold water. The submersible pump must be The water is submerged to work, so the pump that dive into the water is called a submersible pump by Submersible Sewage Pump Manufacturer.

1. The types of submersible pumps classified by use can be divided into:

(1) General submersible pump. It is used to lift water from shallow wells, ditch, ponds, rivers and lakes, and is easy to use. Most of these submersible pumps are single-stage submersible pumps such as submersible sewage pumps.

(2) Deep well submersible pump. It is mainly used in deep wells with deep water levels. The main feature is that its head has a relatively high pump diameter. It belongs to multi-stage submersible pump.

2. According to the type of motor waterproofing, the types of submersible pumps are divided into:

(1) Dry submersible pump. The mechanical seal is mainly used as a shaft seal to prevent water from entering the motor and keeping the motor machine dry. Submersible pumps with mechanical seals should not be used deep enough to be used in depths of around 15 meters.

(2) Oil-filled submersible pump. The inner cavity of the motor is filled with insulating oil to prevent water and moisture from damaging the windings of the motor. The insulating oil mainly acts to insulate and cool the motor and lubricate. The insulating oil of the motor can be pressurized. In order to prevent the leakage of the insulating oil and the infiltration of water, the submersible pump still needs to use a mechanical seal. The rotor of the motor rotates at high speed in the oil, and the resistance is relatively large, so the efficiency of the motor is low.

(3) Water-filled submersible pump. The submersible pump's motor stator windings use a waterproof insulated conductor. The motor of the submersible pump is filled with clean water, and the rotor is immersed in water to run, and the heat dissipation performance is better. The water-filled submersible pump has higher requirements on materials, and the requirements for anti-corrosion of components are particularly strict.

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