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What To Watch Out For When Using Slurry Pump?

Released on Jun. 25, 2018

When the 20A-L Slurry Pump works, the pump needs to be placed on land, the suction pipe is placed in the water, and the pump needs to be started. Because the slurry pump and the liquid slurry pump are limited by the structure, the motor needs to be placed above the water during operation, and the pump must be placed in the water, so it must be fixed. Otherwise, the motor falling into the water will cause the motor to be scrapped. Moreover, since the length of the long axis is generally fixed, the installation of the pump is troublesome, and the application occasion is subject to many restrictions.

If there is a backup Slurry Pump, it is better to use two pumps in turn. If the card pump only has the pump repaired, you can add a net at the inlet, so that it will not allow too much impurities to enter the pump, so the chance of the card pump will be much smaller!

The pump should be divided into two aspects: electrical and mechanical. For the aspect of the machine, the main maintenance record should be transferred out and compared. The second is electrical aspects. To understand the power of each pump motor, he has a certain understanding of his control system. With a mechanically sealed slurry pump, the shaft seal water supply must be guaranteed. Do not run without water, otherwise the mechanical seal will burn.

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