Model making

According to the technical drawings, they are made of the best Korean pine wood .It will produce the model of pump parts after baking and drying. Then pain the special paint or paraffins to make it keep shapes.


We finish the matching of quartz sand and curing agents in epoxy according to the guide of sand mulling and molding process .After mixed well,the sand model can be produced, and then pain the paint on it.The painting needs two steps,the first painting needs to be thick ,and the second one needs to be thin. Clean the mold cavity and core setting, and clean the pumice sand on the whole model, then assemble and fasten the model, wait for pouring.

According to the different demand for material to prepare the list of raw material and the list of matching. Put the raw material into the high temperature furnace to smelt. During the smelting, we need to take out the iron water to pouring three test bars whose style is 30*300mm, which are used to test the resistance to tensile stress of the material.then adjust the proportion of the raw materials to meet the demand. Once it reached the requiring temperature, it needs to clear away the slag. Adjust the power, then take out some to pour Y type coupons , it is used to do the metallurgical test and Intergranular corrosion hardness testing. It needs to pour in due time according to the size of the pump part .


It needs to clean the casting head and the sand after open the sand model box,then polish it to do the anneal.Control the time of heat up and heat insulation (commonly about 32 hours).The temperature is 950 degrees, then finish the anneal and come to natural cooling.When the temperature reaching to 250-300 degrees ,cool again


Have the pump parts which have been annealed be rough machined.there are margin commonly.when the semifinished product finish machining, it will be get into normalizing treatment after the test.The normalizing temperature needs to get to 1050 degrees,and then get it out of the furnace to cool it. When it cool to the normal temperature, it needs to finish machining according to the technical drawing. After pass the test, it will be painted to take into the storage.


We will assemble the pump into different types different sizes and different using pump according to the customers' demand. The process is guided by the working file. After the assembling,there is a test for the shake ,noise and performance parameter,then make a record. At last,we paint the pump according to the customers' request. All the painting are Strictly comply with national standards,that is JB/T4297-92. Then make the name plate and pack it.

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