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3 Meter CNC Dish Head Polishing Machine
  • 3 Meter CNC Dish Head Polishing Machine

3 Meter CNC Dish Head Polishing Machine


This model is suitable for diameter 3 meter dish head polihsing, conical head polishing, spherical head polishing, torispherical head polishing, pressure head polishing, deformed head polishing, stainless steel elliptical head polishing, pressure vessel head polishing and stainless steel sealing head inside & outside polishing. The head polishing machine is extensive apply for the polishing of work piece in the range of medical, chemical, environmental purification, food and beverage, water filtration, etc.

 Machine Outer Dimension 5000X4000X3000 mm
 Machine Weight 3000 KGS
 Input Power 10 KW
 Control System CNC
 Production Efficiency 6-12 m2 /hour
 Surface Roughness Ra<0.4 um (Mirror Finished)
 Polishing Materials Abrasive belt
Workpiece dimension Diameter: 400-3000 mm Max weight: 5T Depth: 800 mm
 Material Metal: Stainless steel, Aluminium alloy, Carbon steel, Red copper, etc.
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